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Now serving Beer and Wine!

Race Street Seafood Kitchen has been delighting customers since 1969.  We're a casual restaurant located near downtown San Jose.

Market has re-opened , selection limited but will increase with customers request

Seafood Selection

Our menu offers an abundance of freshly prepared seafood selections, fried or grilled to perfection. Although our fish and chips is a popular item, we also offer an array of seafood combination plates.  Other delicacies, you might enjoy are our fresh Blue Pacific Oysters, Atlantic Salmon, Pacific Red Snapper, Squid, Crab Cakes, Prawns and Panko Calamari.


Salads and Sandwiches

In addition to our plate selections, we also offer freshly made salads, such as our Shrimp Louie and green salad. We have delicious sandwiches ranging from our grilled Calamari steak to our lightly fried fish sandwich.


Award Winning Clam Chowder

Arguably, the Bay Area's best New England Clam Chowder is served in a regular chowder bowl or in a freshly baked sourdough bread bowl.




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Daily Specials

Monday: 2 Pc. Fish & Chips.........8.49
Tuesday: 1 Pc. Fish & Panko Calamari...9.49
Wednesday: Grilled Catfish....10.59
Thursday: Manager's Surprise..... ???
Friday: 1 Pc. Fish & Chowder..... 9.39
Saturday: 1 Pc. Fish & Chowder..9.39

(408) 287-6280